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An opinion by Ian

"The only argument that will see vaping in its current form survive is that it is an alternative means of recreational nicotine consumption. A big part of the problem facing us is that until very recently nicotine was synonymous with smoking which was synonymous with cigarettes. Saying you wanted to quit smoking was taking to mean you wanted to quit nicotine.

Now, thanks to vaping, we have a means of consuming nicotine that is both enjoyable and has no known health impact. Unfortunately the language, and people’s perception, hasn’t caught up. I don’t want to quit nicotine. I don’t need therapy for it. I don’t need medical treatment because I don’t have an illness or a disease. Nicotine addiction was only a health issue when tobacco was the only available means of feeding that addiction, but that is no longer the case. There is now no condition to treat as far as I’m concerned. Indeed, if you follow that logic, it makes much more sense to retire the whole notion of NRT rather than expand it to include more approved devices."


Brief history of iVapour Events

27/01/12 - The Janty Neo is launched - advanced science in a classic design.

28/10/11 - iVapour leads the way again introducing the first DCT (dual cartomiser tank) to the UK market in the form of the - Big Daddy / Lil Mama.

15/2/11 - Ludo, CEO - Janty Technology Group:
"We have revolutionary stuff in development, we just don't want to launch it too soon and we have good reasons for that. You will have to wait; and the wait will be worth the while. We do understand the e-cig community we grew up with from 2006 onwards, and we are still on the same page as always. We're developers and innovators and will change they way you vape.. again..."

22/5/10 - iVapour helps organise the very first UK Vapefest - York MiniFest 2010

12/4/10 - iVapour is the first company to introduce 510 cartomisers to the UK, followed by 510 LR cartos in the summer.

10/1/10 - The original and the first, the Janty eGo hits the UK via iVapour, revolutionising the industry; and in its wake, spawns many imitations or "clones"...

8/12/09 - The smaller battery mod, the BB, arrives to Elixir.

21/9/09 - The beautifully crafted & engineered Silver Bullet hits the UK via iVapour Elixir.

1/07/09 - New site primarily for PG and VG e-liquid, is launched.

23/5/09 - The Janty Stick, the world's first e-cig device with USB charge and passthrough capabilities, hits the UK exclusively via iVapour.

8/04/09 - Probably the most positive and succinctly written article concerning the e-cigarette yet,
                 by Jacob Callum of Reasononline. Please click here "Where's the Fire?" to view.

10/3/09 - The Dura-C, the world's first manual button 510, has arrived!

4/03/09 - iVapour opens.

Supporting and attending UK Vapefest since the start!